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Our trustee services

The Stewards Foundation acts as trustee for many Christian Brethren Churches.

Becoming your church’s trustee does not mean we get involved in the day to day running of the church. As trustee we oversee matters connected with administration and management of the church property and ensure the church is compliant with many legal requirements. In other words we look after the business side of running your church, freeing you up to care for the members of your community.

As part of the trusteeship, a Committee of Management must be appointed by the Foundation. This committee is usually nominated by the church.

The details of the Foundation’s powers as trustee can be found in Schedule 4 of our Act.

You can also see a guide to transferring trusteeship of your church to the Foundation here.

If you want to select the Stewards Foundation as your trustee, then please contact us at or 1300 728 227 to establish a Trusteeship.